How to play: Acquire a copy of Kitten. This is easy if you already own it. If you don't own it, you can get it in paperback or Kindle version at,, and many other online venues. READ Kitten. Make notes of any pop culture references you find (explained below). These come in the form of references to lit, movies, music, television, etc. The people with the 5 highest scores WIN VALUABLE PRIZES. Hint: the majority of pop culture references are in Part II of the book. Submit your entries by midnight  November 1st, 2013. Winners will be announced in November.

How to make notes: Make a .doc or .rtf. Put your NAME and EMAIL address at the top.

Write down the page number and name of the piece of pop culture referenced. For instance, if you find a line from the Princess Bride on page 405 you would write: 405 - Princess Bride.

Put each reference on a separate line like this:
405 - Princess Bride
407 - The Wrath of Khan

See? It's easy. If you find multiple references to the same book/movie/etc. on different pages, mark it down as many times as you find it like this:

405 - Princess Bride
406 - Princess Bride
407 - Princess Bride

Also, be sure to mark at the top of your entry whether you have the PRINT or KINDLE version, as this may affect page numbers. I'm also not going to be too much of stickler about your references. If I can figure out what you are talking about and it applies, then you'll get credit.

What do you win?: 

The top 5 each win a Pee Baby T-shirt (in their choices of size) and a CD by my band The Animatronics.


First place receives a print copy of Kitten, signed by G. Arthur Brown. (But what if you already have a copy? Well, now you have a signed copy too. What if you have a signed copy already? Now you can give one to your grandmother.)

In addition, there are 5 Prize Packs. Rank them in order of preference in the body of your email. 1st place gets 1st choice, 2nd place gets highest choice remaining, etc.

Prize Pack A: The Fantasy Dork Pack.
Contains -
The Balverine Order by Peter David. A book based on the Fable franchise.
Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erikson.
A Warhammer Chaos Warrior lead miniature hand painted by G. Arthur  Brown at age 13.
An umberhulk figure from the 80s Dungeons and Dragons toyline, with tusk broken by G. Arthur Brown as a child.
A small bouncy eyeball that I stole from Cameron Pierce at BizarroCon '12.

Prize Pack B: The Metal Dork Playset
Contains -
Two Beast Raider Playsets, including cool warriors, monsters and weapons
Two Bloodbowl Trolls hand painted by G. Arthur Brown at age 13.
Wurdulak - Severed Eyes of Possession CD
Necromantia - Ancient Pride EP CD
Occvlt - Of Flesh and Blood CD

Prize Pack C: Punk Rock Blasphemy Kit
Contains -
Janitor of Planet Anilingus by Andrew Wayne Adams, signed by me, G. Arthur Brown
The Primal Screamer by Nick Blinko of Rudimentary Peni
Rudimentary Peni - Pope Adrian 37th Psychristiatric CD
Two small figurines of Mary and Jesus wearing red robes.

Prize Pack D: Action Dork Action pack
Contains -
8, count them, 8 rescue worker action figures! Fire fighters, paramedics, cops -- All your post-9/11 heroes
A collection of 4 Spider novellas by Norvell Page. Classic pulp reading.

Prize Pack E: Movie Geek Set

Contains -
Isle of the Damned DVD. Cannibal movie spoof/homage from Dire Wit Films. Featuring the voice work and commentary of G. Arthur Brown
Hamlet 2 DVD
Dynamite Warrior DVD
Flash Gordon DVD - collection of TV episodes from the 50s.


Attach your notes as a .doc or rtf. Email them to Put your name and email address on your notes. Also include whether you are using the PRINT or KINDLE version of Kitten.

Include in body of email:
Your name and address (to ship prizes).
Your shirt size and style (male/female)
A ranked list of your preferred Prize Packs (1st through 5th).

Deadline: Submit your entry before Nov. 1st, 2013.

Okay, spot some pop culture references and have fun!


Unknown said...

What if winner of signed copy already has one AND both their grandmothers are dead? These are the kinda questions that keep me up at night...

G. Arthur Brown said...

In that case you can choose a proxy grandmother to stand in.

Unknown said...

Hmm OK that works I suppose