Saturday, January 25, 2014

Random Title Generators, and the Havoc they Can Wreak

Okay, so there are these wonderful inventions called RANDOM STORY TITLE GENERATORS.

Here's one.
Here's another.

I decided to save a bunch of the most interesting titles to use to inspire myself to do flash fiction pieces. It's sort of an old surrealist technique to create stories you didn't know you had in your brain.

Then I thought, "Hey, why don't I have a bunch of OTHER people write flash stories based on these randomly generated titles, and then post them on The Strange Edge?" So that's what I'm doing.

How can you get in on this fun? 

Email me at garthurbrown  at hotmail dot com and I will give you a randomly generated title! You must then write a piece of flash fiction (350 - 1500 words NO EXCEPTIONS). Email it back. If it isn't complete horseshit, I'll publish it! Absurd/surreal/irreal/weird/psychedelic/bizarro/pulp/trash/slipstream/transgressive/alt lit/outsider and related genres preferred. Please, no horseshit. And absolutely nothing where the female pudenda is referred to as "her sex."

Also, include a short bio about yourself. And if you are attractive, perhaps a nude photo of yourself also*.


So that's what will be going on here at the Strange Edge. I'll be posting flash pieces by myself and others that were written based on randomly generated titles. Sounds like fun right? Well, behind the scenes, I'm cooking up something EVEN MORE EXCITING. I can't tell you about it yet, because I don't know who you are. You could be anybody, including Edward Snowden. I'm not about to tell my secrets to a guy like that. But suffice it to say that an even bigger project involving randomly generated titles in now underway.

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Christopher Ridge said...

Sounds pretty awesome. I'll be looking forward to it.