Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Need to Write More Stories

So, via Duotrope's Digest I've found many, many, many publications who may or may not ever want to publish a story by me, G. Arthur Brown. I've found many magazines and e-zines that I never knew existed, plus many that probably shouldn't exist. The stumbling block I've hit now is that a lot of the ones that really seem worthwhile won't accept simultaneous submissions (industry jargon for they don't want to consider my shit for publication at the same time I've submitted to anybody else). So I need more stories. And I need to go back and revise a bunch of my old ones to get them publishable. This is going to take an awful lot of tea and make my girlfriend very lonely. Writing... it's a bitch.


S.K. Larke said...

Mr. Brown, thanks for posting this link! I agree, my New Year's writing resolution is to have three stories circulating. Write enough to get writer's cramp and not writer's block:) If you subscribe to Cemetery Dance there was an excellent article on small press publishers... could be useful. If you don't and are interested, I can send you the list! Happy writing.

S. Tigert said...

Well slap dat ho, an' sho her who da man! :)