Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Poo Party by Justin Grimbol

     “Why can’t I stop shitting?” he yelled.
Heavy tears rolled down his cheeks. He had been in the bathroom, sitting on this heartless toilet, for over an hour. He had flushed six times. The smell was monstrous. He couldn’t stop.
“Why did this happen now?”
His roommates were throwing a party and it was getting wild. He could hear them dancing and laughing. Tits were being pulled out, he was sure of it. People were getting naked, he could tell by the way they were cheering.
“Oh God have mercy on me!” he called out to the heavens.
God did not respond.
He kept pooping. It was as if his ass was the sky and the toilet was the ocean and this was the perfect storm.
 Soon the hooting and hollering turned into moaning. He could hear flesh smacking against flesh. He could hear sucking sounds. His cock got hard. As he cried and squeezed out long turds, he jerked his dong. He was desperate to be included in the party in some way.
The sex sounds became more intense. Eventually the moaning turned into screams. He could hear flesh tearing and bones breaking. He was just about to come when he saw a puddle of blood seep under the door. His boner became limp. His eyes widened.
Finally, the shitting had stopped. But he no longer wanted to leave the bathroom. He no longer wanted to join the party. He wanted to hide.
“Help!” he heard someone knocking on the door. “She’s killing everyone!”
He ran to the shower and shut the curtains.
He sat there, trembling.
Even after the screaming stopped and things became quiet and the sun had risen, he refused the leave the bathroom.
“Dear God, help me,” he begged as he lay in the tub, naked, in the fetal position.
The door shook and then got ripped off the hinges. A woman walked into bathroom. She was a seven foot tall woman with a firm, curvy body that was covered in blood. Tusks jutted out of her mouth. Her eyes were piss-stain yellow.
She didn’t notice him.  She sat on the toilet bowl and started to shit so loudly the entire house shook.
The smell was potent. It filled the boy in the tub. He became dizzy. His body shook. Horns sprouted from his head. His limbs stretched out and his muscles bulged. He screamed in pain as his teeth grew into long, cock-shaped daggers.
When he was done transforming he looked up and saw the lady-monster was standing over him. Her eyes were wide. She mounted him. The sun was up but the night wasn’t over yet. This girl was ready to party. 


Justin Grimbol went to Green Mountain College for thirty years. He majored in Partying and Dry Humping. He is the author of DRINKING UNTIL MORNING and THE CRUD MASTERS
Copyright 2013 Justin Grimbol

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